Chairman's letter (March 2014)

Since accepting CIFEG's chairmanship a year ago with the assistance of a new team, projects reflecting CIFEG's new orientation have been undertaken with the collaboration, support and encouragements from numerous individuals and institutions. I would like to thank them for it.


The objective of CIFEG was, and still is, development assistance toward the South. The specificity of CIFEG remains its support to training and exchanges in the earth sciences field. The new element in the restart of CIFEG is the extensive use of information and communication technologies as the main tool for exchanging, a key word for CIFEG aussi bien vers l’extérieur que pour  internal operations. In this respect, the new Internet site as it appears today, becomes the central part of CIFEG working environment. The web site is the forum for exchanging ideas between North and South and the open access platform to resources and to publishing in the PANGEA magazine. The site will in the longer term evolve into an opened to all laboratory for the conception of projects.


Among the undertaken projects which are starting to show results, digitization of francophone geoscientific archives made available in open access on the CIFEG web site and on profressional platforms is regularly progressing. A group of geologists emanating from various disciplines and countries is being constituted around the Pangea Editorial Committee. C’est sous son impulsion et sa compétence que se bâtit la nouvelle stratégie de Pangéa.


We are concentrating our efforts on the setting up of new projects: updating of the 1 : 5 000 000 tectonic Map of Africa in conjunction with the Commission for the Geological Map of the World, applying to fissured aquifers of West and Central Africa the scientific studies, staff training and water management performed in the Mawari project remain an example of what CIFEG would like to accomplish; our guideline always remaining the dissemination of knowledge and training in the earth sciences


; notre fil directeur restant toujours le développement du savoir et des formateurs en sciences de la terre dans les pays du Sud en bonne adéquation avec la demande des états du Sud.Cependant, tel qu’il se présente à vous le CIFEG , will not be able to act without the collaboration of all, tant dans les idées que les actions..


Max Vidal

Chairman of the Board